Growing up in Michigan, my most cherished memories are those of time spent with my great grandma Opal. We would tend to her lilac bushes, her charming little apple orchard, and her delicate lily of the valley flowers that lined her front porch. It was within that home (which my great grandfather built just for her) that I developed a deep love for all things delicate, feminine, vintage and traditional; it was the trips to Mackinac Island in the summer that transported me back in time and instilled in me a deep love for all things, vintage and old-fashioned.

Through a beautiful twist of fate (and no small amount of faith) I became a mother to my two adopted daughters in 2016. We spent the following years creating lasting memories and strengthening our family bond by planning special trips and little girls day outings. I loved to take them out for an afternoon tea, a spa day, or a fancy lunch or dinner. Our most cherished memories are those from our holidays spent at places like “America’s Resort” (The Greenbrier in West Virginia), “Americas Summer Place” (the Grand Hotel on Michigan’s Mackinac Island), The Biltmore in Asheville, and Whitehall Museum in Palm Beach, FL. It’s during those trips that I gained my inspiration for what we now call “The Belvedere Bungalow”.